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The Most Visited Places in the U.S. in 2019

With 2019 rolling by quickly, there is no better time than the present to start planning for your next getaway. With all of the exciting places to visit within the United States, how do you know which destination is best for what you want to experience? Don’t worry! We have outlined a list below of […]

The Caribbean is Nearly Back to Full Strength After 2017’s Hurricanes

2017 proved to be a year of devastation for the Caribbean because of Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria. These hurricanes caused mass destruction across numerous islands and this included major tourist destinations. Puerto Rico remained powerless for almost a year after Hurricane Maria but it wasn’t the only island without power. Numerous other Caribbean islands had […]

Largent’s Top 4 Travel Destinations of 2018

At Largent, we strive to provide premium aviation services worldwide. We guarantee comfortable, convenient, and luxurious journeys no matter where in the world you want to travel. Our in-flight entertainment options are unmatched and so are the amenities and luxuries you get when flying with us. We have a range of aircraft in different categories […]

Why Flying Private With Largent Is Ideal

There is simply no better way to travel to New York than chartering a private jet. Whether you are planning a family vacation or going for a business trip to New York, a private jet charter can prove to be an ideal method to reach your next destination. Whether you are looking for a New York […]

Should You Buy Or Rent a Private Jet?

If your budget allows, travelling on a private aircraft is hands down the best way to travel. Commercial flights are cheap and first class flights are nice enough, but first class pales in comparison to the comfort, flexibility, and convenience that is by flying on private jet. Those who fly private and have the means […]

Our Most Popular Travel Destinations

At Largent we offer exceptional private air charter services to and from the hottest destinations around the world. We can take you just about anywhere and back but here is a list of the most popular locations that our clients like to frequent: The Entertainment Capital of the World – Las Vegas, Nevada Las Vegas […]