The Caribbean is Nearly Back to Full Strength After 2017’s Hurricanes

2017 proved to be a year of devastation for the Caribbean because of Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria. These hurricanes caused mass destruction across numerous islands and this included major tourist destinations. Puerto Rico remained powerless for almost a year after Hurricane Maria but it wasn’t the only island without power. Numerous other Caribbean islands had to face power outages and complete shutdowns of their communication systems. The British Virgin Islands and Rodney Skelton are two places that were hit severely by the storms.

The Impact on Tourism

The Caribbean boasts of a number of picturesque spots that are popular with tourists across the globe. Many people turn to this region for their vacations to spend some leisure time with their loved ones. However, due to hurricanes, there was virtually no tourism left in this region due to widespread hurricane damage. The Caribbean lost almost $900 million in revenue in tourist revenue in 2017. However, the good news for tourists is that the Caribbean is nearly back to full strength after the destruction caused by the hurricanes.

There are only 6 destinations, out of 32, in the Caribbean that are still on the road to recovery while others are now standing tall with their full glory. Almost 90% of hotels and resorts that suffered damages are now opened for guests again. So, if you are planning for your next vacation, you know where you need to book your tickets for – it’s the Caribbean.

The Top Reasons to Visit The Caribbean in 2018

Exciting Water-Based Activities

Diving, swimming, snorkeling, and numerous other water-based activities are available for you and your friends and family to enjoy at numerous beautiful beaches in the Caribbean.

Luxury Accommodations

Want to spend some quality time in close proximity to nature while enjoying a luxurious stay? Then, head to the Caribbean. Most of the Caribbean islands have luxury resorts and hotels that are known to offer world-class accommodations.

The Sunset

The views of the sunset in this region are unmatched. It is one of those mesmerizing views that will remain etched in your memories for a long time.

Economic Boost

The region is on the road to economic boost due to its rich marine resources. You can also play your part in helping this region to prosper as the hurricanes caused great losses to its economy.

Other than the above-mentioned items, great food, shopping, and its rich culture are some of the other reasons why you need to visit the Caribbean.


The following islands are destinations you should absolutely visit in the Caribbean:


Voted as the number one island in the Caribbean for two consecutive years, Anguilla is a must-visit if you are planning to visit the Caribbean. Not only are the views here astonishing, but there are plenty of exciting activities you can indulge in as well. While you are here, do not forget to take a walking tour that will take you to explore some breathtakingly beautiful spots in Anguilla.

St. Barts

This island is home to astonishing white sand beaches. The tranquility of water here is unparalleled. For the shopaholic, this island is no less than a paradise for them because of numerous designer shops located here.

Cooper Island

It is another beautiful island in the Caribbean. Although smaller in size, it is perfect for you to spend some quality time with your friends and family. It has a beach club resort, a few luxurious hotels, and delicious restaurants for guests.

All in all, it is safe to say that the tourism industry in the Caribbean is racing towards its boom again, and it won’t take long before all of the islands in this region will be opened for the guests to visit and explore.

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Why You Should Charter A Jet to Los Angeles With Largent Fuels This Summer

If you are planning a trip to Los Angeles this summer, why not let us take you there on one of our world-class private jets? At Largent, we provide private flights to Los Angeles at competitive prices.

Here are some of the reasons why you should charter a jet to Los Angeles with Largent this summer:

The VIP Experience At Universal Studios Hollywood

Whether you are a movie buff or just a casual fan, the VIP tour of Universal Studios Hollywood is an absolute must. On the VIP tour, you’ll visit the actual shooting locations and sets of popular movies and television shows. You can have a look at costumes and other props used in numerous iconic Hollywood movies. You won’t even have to worry about food as you will be taken to the VIP dining room and served a delicious breakfast and lunch.

Get Behind The Wheel of An Exotic Sports Car

California is the mecca for car culture in America and it would only be appropriate to experience the acceleration and handling of an exotic sports car while you are in Los Angeles. Enjoy the best of the best from Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, and other makes on a proper racetrack.

Enjoy A Meal At Melisse

This one is for the foodies out there. While you are touring Los Angeles, satisfy your appetite with the amazing food served at Melisse. Melisse is located in Santa Monica and is known for its delicious French cuisine and beautiful decor. Melisse offers private dining rooms for guests who are looking for an even more exclusive experience as well.

The Nightlife

Los Angeles has plenty of options for night-owls looking to paint the town red. Among these options, The Nice Guy, a posh new lounge, takes the cake. All the things that you look for in having a thriving nightlife scene are available here in this lounge. Right from the enthralling ambiance to the selection of gourmet food, this place has everything.

This lounge is also known for the amazing whiskey and gourmet cocktails. This makes it a perfect place where you can spend fun time at night with your friends after exploring the beauty of the city during the day. Keep an eye on the crowd while you are visiting this lounge as you may see some celebrities there as well.

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Largent’s Top 4 Travel Destinations of 2018

At Largent, we strive to provide premium aviation services worldwide. We guarantee comfortable, convenient, and luxurious journeys no matter where in the world you want to travel. Our in-flight entertainment options are unmatched and so are the amenities and luxuries you get when flying with us. We have a range of aircraft in different categories that are suitable for people with different needs.

Summer is in full swing and it is the perfect time to let us take you to some of the most beautiful places in the world.

Not sure about where to go? Here are some of our top travel destinations in 2018.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is known as “The City of Gold” and is the major economic hub of the United Arab Emirates. Dubai offers a plethora of sights, attractions, and adventures that are perfect for all kinds of visitors. Whether you are a shopaholic or like to indulge in adventure-filled activities, you can find things to do that match your interest here in abundance.

While you are in Dubai, do not forget to enjoy the once in a lifetime experience of a desert safari. Explore sand dunes on camel-back, feast on scrumptious local food, kick back and enjoy some fine shisha tobacco, and finish your day by watching the sunset in the desert.

Dubai is also known for high-end shopping and a vibrant nightlife. Make sure you visit the observation deck tallest building in the world , the Burj Khalifa, for a view that cannot be matched.

St.Moritz, Switzerland

St. Moritz is one of the most exclusive resorts in Switzerland and offers some of the most beautiful scenery in the country. Situated nearly 6,000 feet above sea level in the Swiss Alps, St. Moritz is a small but beautiful resort town known for winter sports, world class hotel accommedation, and eye-catching views.

What seperates St. Moritz from other winter resorts is the sunshine. While St. Moritz has a subarctic climate, there are over 300 days of sunshine each year, making it the perfect location for skiing, snowboarding, sight-seeing, and hiking.

Lanai, Hawaii

If you are fond of the ocean, Lanai is an ideal getaway spot for you. Indulge in a number of water activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, boating, and more to experience the time of your life. Apart from indulging in water activities, there is plenty of other things to do here. You can enjoy horseback riding and hiking. Furthermore, if you like playing golf, bring your golfing clubs and enjoy a few games on gorgeous courses.

Agra, India

For a historical, cultural, and architectural tour-de-force, Agra, India is a perfect destination. Home to world-renowned landmarks such as the Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri, and I’timād-Ud-Daulah’s Tomb, Agra is historical feast for the eyes.

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Take A Private Flight to New York City with Largent

New York City is considered by many to be the greatest city in the world. New York has an endless number of attractions and exciting activities that will make your trip unforgettable.

Here are some must do activities when you visit New York City:

Shop on Fifth Avenue

This one is for shopaholics! For those who are looking to for a wardrobe makeover, a shopping tour at Fifth Avenue is just the right choice for them.  Fifth Avenue is ranked among the world’s most expensive shopping streets with stores from all of the leading names in designer fashion.

Take A Private SUV Tour Of The City

Driving and getting around New York City can be a hassle. If it’s your first time visiting the Big Apple, book a private tour in a SUV to explore the city.

See a Broadway Play – VIP Style

Attending a world-class play on Broadway is a must during a visit to NYC but you should opt for the full VIP experience which includes:

  • Backstage Meet & Greet with the cast of the play
  • Premium seating
  • Delicious three-course dinner
  • Special drinks will be delivered during the intervals of the play
  • An autographed book

Get Pampered At A Spa

Do yourself a favor while you are in NYC, and give your body a much-needed break by booking an appointment in one of the best spas in the city. There are several excellent spas in the city, but The Red Door Spa is one of the most highly rated.

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Why Flying Private With Largent Is Ideal

There is simply no better way to travel to New York than chartering a private jet. Whether you are planning a family vacation or going for a business trip to New York, a private jet charter can prove to be an ideal method to reach your next destination.

Whether you are looking for a New York private jet charter or a private flight to Los Angeles, you can always count on Largent for the following:

Unrivaled Luxury

Without any doubt, a private jet charter offers a luxurious journey. Unlike boarding a regular plane where people are confined to one seat for the whole of the journey, you will have the whole aircraft to yourself on a private jet. You can relax, stretch your legs, walk around the charter or prepare for the meeting you are going to attend in the jet charter without any worry.

No Baggage Limitations

Gone are the days when you were able to bring two checked bags and a carry on for free on a commercial flight. Most airlines only allow you take your carry-on bag for free and charge extra for everything else. At Largent, there are no extra fees to worry about when it comes to baggage. As long as your baggage doesn’t exceed the cargo capacity of the aircraft, you can bring it.

Flexibility and Convenience

The flexibility and convenience that chartering a private flight provides cannot be matched:

  • There are no luggage checking formalities and long security lines
  • There are no waiting lines, additional transfers etc. as in the case of a commercial flight journey
  • The jet is ready to fly whenever the passenger requires it to be.  You can set your own schedule and dictate departure time, day, and location as per your convenience.
  • Multiple stops can be made during the journey as per your requirements.

Varied Entertainment

When it comes to private jet charters, there are numerous in-flight entertainment options. There are an array of movies and games to choose fro. Furthermore, you can also use your laptop for the same purpose. There will be no issue of limited battery issues as there are charging sockets on the charter.

Comfortable Accommodations

A private jet has a lot of space; thus, it can accommodate a number of people and their luggage. The amount of space generally depends on the type of charter jet.

A Stress Free Trip

Lastly, a journey on a private jet charter comes without any hassles and stress. In the case of a commercial flight, you have to reach the airport a few hours early before the flight boards and there are numerous other formalities, which the passenger needs to follow. There is no such issue if you are using a private jet charter.

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Should You Buy Or Rent a Private Jet?

If your budget allows, travelling on a private aircraft is hands down the best way to travel. Commercial flights are cheap and first class flights are nice enough, but first class pales in comparison to the comfort, flexibility, and convenience that is by flying on private jet.

Those who fly private and have the means to purchase their own aircraft often wonder whether they should buy or a rent a jet for their travels.

Here are the pro’s and con’s of buying vs renting

Pros and Cons of Buying Your Own Jet

You Own It – Pro

At Largent, we provide exceptional air charter services with beautiful and advanced aircrafts but there’s nothing that beats the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment that comes with ownership.

You Can Customize It – Pro

If you are someone that likes customize and tinker with things, there’s no that you’d want to tailor your flying experience to your exact desires. Personalization becomes even more of a factor for those that fly hundreds of hours a month.  Whether it’s upgrading the interior or painting the jet your favorite color, the only limits to customization is your imagination.

Cost – Con

There’s really no other way to say it, operating and maintaining an aircraft is extremely expensive. In addition to the initial purchase price and operating costs, depreciation is something to consider

Chartering A Private Jet

The main benefit of chartering or leasing a private jet is that it’s a much cheaper way to travel versus owning your own aircraft. If you just need a Las Vegas private jet charter for a quick getaway, you can just give us the time and day and we’ll get back to you with a quote immediately.

If you don’t spend several hundreds hours of month in the air, renting a private aircraft is a more economical way of traveling.

Largent Has You Covered

At Largent, we provide private flights to many destinations around the world. Whether you are looking for a private flight to New York or you are considering a private jet charter to San Francisco, Largent offers competitive rates and modern aircrafts. Contact us today to request a quote.

Our Most Popular Travel Destinations

At Largent we offer exceptional private air charter services to and from the hottest destinations around the world. We can take you just about anywhere and back but here is a list of the most popular locations that our clients like to frequent:

The Entertainment Capital of the World – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is one of the most popular travel destinations in the U.S and very few cities can offer such a diverse array of entertainment options. Thus, if you want a break from the daily grind at work and spend some fun time with your friends, contact us for a quote on private flights to Las Vegas.

From luxury hotels to high-end casinos and world renowned restaurants, it’s easy to see why Sin City is one of the most traveled destinations at Largent.

The Magic City – Miami, Florida

Miami offers a unique combination of beautiful weather, booming night-life, pristine beaches, and world class restaurants. Beach bums can soak up the Florida sun during the day, grab a bite for lunch and famous eateries for lunch, and then paint the entire city of South Beach red in the night. There’s something for everyone in Miami and it’s no surprise that it’s one of our more popular travel destinations. Charter a private jet to Miami with Largent and you will not be disappointed.

The City of Gold –  Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai has plenty of activities for people of all ages to offer. Thus, it is known as an ideal destination for a
family vacation.

For adventure lovers, they can enjoy the desert safari tour that is full of fun, excitement,and adventure-filled activities.

For shopaholics, Dubai is no less than a paradise for them due to theabundance of fancy shopping malls where you can buy almost anything in the world.

For people who want to spend relaxing time with their loved one, they can take the Dubai marina cruise tour and
explore the beautifully decorated creek of the city. In addition to that, you can easily find high-class hotels and restaurants there. The nightlife in Dubai is exciting due to the abundance of casinos and bars as well.

Nice the Beautiful – Nice, France

Located in southern France, Nice is a gorgeous city that is known for the amazing weather, picturesque beaches, high class retail therapy, and beautiful landmarks. If you have ever though about visiting southern France, you owe it yourself to spend some time in Nice.

Learn more about our private jet charters to Nice.

The Culture Capital of Italy – Palermo, Italy

Looking for an ideal family vacation destination? Book a private jet charter, pack your bags, and head to
Palermo, the capital of Sicily, Italy. From the exciting nightlife to numerous historical places to explore, this city has a lot in store for tourists. Home to numerous churches and palaces that are known for their splendor and class, you can have one of the most memorable experiences in this city due to the astonishing attractions it offers.


Rarefied Air

At Largent, we strive to provide the best air charter services at the best prices. Allow us to take you to and from wherever your heart desires on any one of our world class private aircrafts.