• Empty Leg Flights


An empty leg is an empty airplane on the return flight or outbound of an already booked trip. When any of our customers has booked the airplane to fly only one way, we need to bring that airplane back to its home base. That is why we offer these empty legs for a reduced price.

We typically see empty leg jets flying without passengers. This occurs when one of our top-notch aircrafts drops off passengers at their previously-booked destination and must return back to the original takeoff location. This is exactly why the term is known as ‘empty leg flights’ because the aircraft is empty – without passengers – most of the time when returning to its home base or in route to pick up the next set of customers at another location.

Save Money With An Empty Leg Flight

There are usually dozens of empty leg jets available at dramatically reduced rates compared to the prices of private jet charters. Most of the time, LARGENT will be able to accommodate if you are traveling in the same general direction as our empty leg flights.

If you are looking for a great last-minute travel deal for a private jet charter and are flexible with dates and times, then an empty leg charter is the perfect option for you. Since private jet charters tend to be one-way most of the time, aircraft can spend a lot of time flying without passengers. This allows for a range of empty leg jets available for you to choose from year-round.

Depending on the time of year, you can find fantastic deals on empty leg charters. For example, the winter months tend to be the busiest travel times within the U.S. for travelers looking to escape cold weather. On the other hand, the summer months are the busiest time of travel for those heading over to Europe. Empty leg flights are available year-round at great prices, so be sure to check out our schedule today to see what fits your travel needs best.


Our empty leg flights are updated daily with the latest dates and prices. To book an empty leg jet, call our agents +1 786-332-6594 or fill out the Empty Leg Flight request form below.

Save up to 75% on flights!

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How It Works

When you book an empty leg charter, you are booking the entire aircraft. So, whether there is one person traveling or an entire family traveling, the price is typically the same for the whole aircraft rather than going by a seat/person type of pricing scale.

In addition, most empty leg charters are priced by using an empty sector or momentary base, or by a linked flight from a previously booked charter. This means that if the main charter cancels or modifies their travel arrangements, then the price will be re-quoted and posted. The client who booked the empty leg jet will then have the option to cancel their flight and receive a refund, or accept the new costs accordingly.

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