Largent is the name to rely on for premium jet charters in a range of categories and we excel in providing aviation management services for different companies in the aviation industry. With the use of state of the art products and high-quality service, we ensure Largent meets the international standards and gives the most satisfying experience to our clients.

Whether you are looking for a private jet charter in New York or private flights to Miami, Largent is your go-to option.

Have a look at the different types of aircraft we offer and the benefits associated with them.

Our Aircraft


A Turboprop Aircraft is the most economical of all options for people looking to have charter a private flight. With the maximum capacity of 9 passengers, turboprops at Largent Fuels are available at the hourly rate of $1200 to $1800. The maximum range of turboprops in 1792 NM and the cabin height is 4’5”.

  • Turboprops are considered to be more efficient when they are being operated on low or short capacity routes
  • They are also recommended since their performance in take-off and landing is superior to other jets.
  • Operating costs are much lower than other jets.

Light Jets

Light jets are ideal in the mid-range category with their combination of features, maximum range of 1900 NM, and accommodations for a maximum of 7 passengers. The height of the cabin of our light jets is 4’8” and they are available at the hourly rate of $2200 to $2800.

Our light jets are a perfect solution when it comes to the convenience, comfort, luxury, and budget. With reduced operation cost, our light jets aren’t heavy on budget; thus, makes for an affordable option.

Mid-Size Jets

Our mid-size jets are popular because of their remarkable performance and a large maximum range of 2850 NM. With a maximum capacity of 8 passengers and a cabin height of 5’8”, mid-size jets offer a bit more space, comfort, and luxury appointments than turbo props and light jets. The hourly rate of our mid-size jets is $2700 to $3800

Super-Mid Jets

Our super-mid jets take everything up a notch over regular mid-size jets with a 12 passenger maximum, cabin height of 6’0, and increased maximum range of 3300 NM. Super mid-jets are very popular due to their cost advantage over large lets while offering a great blend of luxury and comfort. Super mid-jets at Largent Fuels are available hourly, ranging from $3700 to 5700 per hour.

Heavy Jets

With a lofty 6’5 cabin height, quality luxury appointments, and advanced digital features. our heavy jets provide an unmatched experience for a maximum of 16 passengers. Heavy jets have a large maximum range of 4690 NM and is undoubtedly the best way for a group of 16 or less people to travel privately. The hourly rate of our heavy jets is $5000 to $7200.

Large Airliners

Mostly ideal for corporate bookings, our large airliners are class and luxury personified. With the space to accommodate up to 63 passengers, these airliners offer great convenience and comfort. With a cabin height of 7′, you can rest assured that even the tallest of passengers will never feel cramped. Large airliners can travel the farthest out of all the jets with a maximum range of 7300NM. These are available at $16000 to $23000 per hour.

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